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Comments from our clients
The re-roof project for Murdoch’s Home and Ranch Supply in Greeley was a very challenging and rewarding project. The engineering piece of the project had to be just as tough. The design was straightforward and easy to translate in the field. We were very happy with how well everything went together and when we did have any questions, John made himself readily available. Highly recommend REDI. Learn about the reroofing project here. Jim Clark

Clark Enterprizes Const Co.

Excellent in forensics and root cause analysis. Andrew Z.

You are very polite and professional, and I really liked your demeanor. Before your site visit, I really didn’t know what I had to do. You explained things simply and it was great to learn from you. Scott Stevens

I thought you were an excellent witness in yesterday’s deposition. You were very truthful, thoughtful, and precise with your answers. That is all we could ever ask of a witness. Tom Delay

Lawyer, Stratton, DeLay, Doele, Carlson & Buettner, P.C., L.L.O

We would not hesitate to use REDI Engineering and John Thomazin’s services in future cases where we require engineering expertise. Mark Richardson

Rembolt Ludtke LLP

Thank you for all of the work you did. Our clients are beginning the process of rebuilding. We very much appreciate the quality of your opinion, your professionalism and your willingness to answer questions. Barbra R. Dohmen

Lawyer, Andrew Hoffman Law