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Are you starting to think the engineer you have hired for a project might not necessarily be the best fit for the job? If this is the case, there are a number of red flags that may have popped up that could indicate it’s time to go with a different consultant or firm.

Here are a few of those red flags:

  • Lack of communication: One of the first red flags people notice is a significant lack of communication from the engineer. You are, understandably, going to want to have progress updates every now and then about the work being done but getting radio silence, even after reaching out, is probably a sign of a poor working relationship long term. Outstanding engineering consultants are great communicators. They use everyday language to explain scientific or physical principles in a manner that makes sense even to an 8th grader. Consultants understand that people aren’t resistant to change; they’re resistant to coercion.
  • Ego: Some egos become so large and need constant feeding that you’ll find engineers and clients equally spurn them. They might hide behind technical jargon, show distain, and attempt to intellectually bully others into going along with them via their superior IQ, credentials, or educational record. The partnership between engineer and client operates best when it’s an amicable one. If you don’t feel you could share a drink with them after work, then maybe you should begin to look elsewhere.
  • Inaccurate quotes: Everyone assumes consultants are well compensated for their time and services. Consulting is a business like any other competing enterprise. Quotations need to be fair, however a profit has to be made. Otherwise, who would work if there’s no profit. If your engineer quoted you a certain price for a project but it turns out the project actually cost much more, then there was probably a change in the scope of work. A good engineering consultant isn’t merely the client’s problem slayer. A good consultant understands they must engage clients from day one and will proactively let you know about pricing changes.
  • Repeated errors: If you notice a pattern of repeated error-ridden work, it’s probably an indication of plain laziness. These errors don’t necessarily have to be big ones to be a red flag; a pattern of minor errors might indicate a lack of attention to your project or untuned attention to detail. After a while, you might find the consultant avoids communicating with you. This is not a quality you want in a long-term engineering partner.

Whenever you outsource engineering work for your company, you should always feel that you are valued as a customer and that the engineer or firm is putting in a lot of effort to get your work done right. Contact us at REDI Engineering to learn more about our services and why we are the right choice for your business.