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When understanding and explanation matters, count on REDI engineering to unravel the physics.

REDI Engineering provides expert witness and litigation consulting services throughout the United States. Our personable experts explain things in an understandable and memorable manner by preparing analogies and similes. Ideas underlying complex physics doesn’t require complex language. With a little preparation and enthusiasm, difficult subject matter can be conveyed with a little humility and exuberance. REDI engineers are licensed in various states. We provide expert testimony for both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Engineering boils down to applied physics.

The many flavors of engineering are all bound together by mathematics and conservation laws. Examples of our areas of expertise include buildings, roofing, machinery, construction, crash reconstruction, farm and heavy equipment, material analysis, and structures. In addition to our training and education, REDI engineering has gained practical experience involving a variety of incidents since 2006.

REDI has assisted triers of fact at state and federal levels.

Here are some of the projects we have worked on as expert witnesses:

Structural Collapse of a Portable Auger

REDI Engineering was retained by plaintiff’s counsel to determine whether the auger was in a defective condition before collapse. John Thomazin testified that sufficient and proper design and safety engineering methodologies were not followed when the auger was developed.

Can Hail Damage a Ballasted Roof System

After a 2011 hailstorm in Carter Lake, Iowa, employees of the local La Quinta Inn noticed a leak in the roof of their hotel. The building owner submitted an insurance claim, stating the 10-year-old roof needed to be replaced due to hail damage. The insurance company then turned to John Thomazin of REDI Engineering Inc. to complete a roof inspection.

Ladder Failure Results in Personal Injury

REDI Engineering was retained to determine whether the homeowner’s injuries resulted from a failure by the homeowner to follow basic safety rules, warning labels, and operational procedures; or whether the ladder failure and injuries resulted from material failure.

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