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About Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstructionists are experts at analyzing the evidence found at a crash site and piecing it together to determine what caused the accident. This process is useful for a number of reasons, particularly in figuring out who was at fault in an accident and how that will affect civil lawsuits.

Accident reconstruction in the legal world


The legal community regularly calls on qualified accident reconstructionists to provide analysis, consultation and expert testimony regarding what happened in an accident and why. Many personal injury cases involving auto accidents hinge on the testimony provided by these experts. Not only are they able to provide expert, informed opinions, but they are able to do so in a way that allows them to explain how the accident occurred in a way easily understood by the average person. This is an invaluable resource when trying to convince judges and juries that a particular person was at fault.

What is involved in accident reconstruction?

Accident reconstructionists typically review evidence documented by police and extract evidence from photographs via photogrammetry. They also inspect the accident site and subject vehicles, looking for anything that could point toward the cause of the accident, including skid marks, pot holes, malfunctioning traffic lights and more. They also analyze airbag computer modules, conduct 3D surveys of accident sites, perform calculations and simulations and more.

Why choose REDI for accident reconstruction?

At REDI, we understand the need to provide thorough analysis in a way that is easily understood by people without in-depth scientific knowledge of physics and engineering. Our experts closely investigate every single accident and provide comprehensive reports that will assist you in your case. Our own John A. Thomazin was certified in traffic accident reconstruction by Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety.

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