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Among the various services we provide here at REDI Engineering are our services for claims managers. We are pleased to be able to provide adjusters with the insight and information they might otherwise be missing from their work, making their jobs significantly easier on them.

Adjusters look at a loss through the lens of replacement cost. However, while they might know that something is broken, whether it’s a vehicle, a tool or a piece of equipment or machinery, they might not necessarily understand the reasons why a fully in-kind replacement is insufficient. This is where we come in.

Inspector looking at damaged roof shingles

Our engineers work with adjusters to give them much-needed clarity and insight into various elements of local building codes, state-of-the-art construction technologies and the various alternatives for replacement. Essentially, we focus on showing them how all of these things fit and work together in a way they can easily understand. The knowledge we provide to them helps them make the best decisions possible for all of their stakeholders.

The importance of these services cannot be understated. It can be difficult for adjusters to determine a proper course of action without the knowledge we provide them.

So if you are looking for more information about the damages described in a claim, REDI Engineering is pleased to provide impartial assessments and clarification of that damage. No question you have is a bad one; we are happy to deconstruct any element of the claim and explain it in greater detail in a way you will understand. Throughout this process we keep our promise to be an unbiased, third-party opinion, fair to both the client and the adjuster.

If you are an insurance adjuster, give us a call or email us at any time for more information. We will get back to you as soon as possible to set up an investigation and discuss anything else about your case you may have questions about.