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If you need any sort of assistance with an upcoming building project, let REDI Engineering be your trusted resource for all your engineering services! We assist on a wide variety of projects, including agricultural buildings, alterations and modifications, repairs, damage determination, historic buildings, unique buildings and more. Regardless of the type of work is design, repair, or evaluation, our constant focus is on providing personalized, client-centric services at affordable prices.

Our rehabilitation and repair work is particularly populated by pre-engineered metal buildings, as these buildings are common all across the Midwest in commercial zones.

interior of metal barn

This work is important because buildings don’t always suit the intended purpose of the owner. When ownership of a building changes hands, or the technology in a building needs a major upgrade, the building might no longer be able to fulfill its main function. The REDI team works with building owners to ensure their buildings perform exactly how they need them to through the following tasks:

Inspections and assessments: We carefully analyze the building as it currently exists to determine the work that needs to be done to get it to meet the owner’s desired functionality standards.

Capital needs assessments: Once we’ve determined the extent to which a building needs to be rehabbed and repurposed, we can provide an assessment of how much money it will take to get the job done.

Building code evaluation: All work done to repurpose a building must meet local building codes. In some cases, it may be necessary to get permits from the local municipality to proceed with the work.

Damage repair: If any damage has been done to the building, whether it’s through general wear and tear, an accident or storm damage, our team is able to come in and make the repairs to restore the building to peak functionality.

Historic and unique buildings: If the building we are working on is historic or particularly unique, we work to preserve the historic and unique elements while updating it for modern standards of usability and functionality.

For more information about our building engineering services, contact us today at REDI Engineering.