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One of the services that we provide at REDI Engineering is accident reconstruction. But what all does this service involve, and what makes it so important?

In some vehicular accidents, police or attorneys seek out the assistance of skilled accident reconstructionists to come in and piece together exactly what happened in the collision.

Accident reconstructionists will first review the evidence collected by police and any photographs of the accident scene.

They then inspect the accident site and vehicles themselves, looking for any additional evidence that could point to what happened that caused the collision.

Common “sign posts” that accident reconstructionists look for include skid marks, malfunctioning traffic lights, poor or damaged signage, pot holes, poor road conditions and other factors. They also collect and analyze airbag computer modules, conduct three-dimensional surveys of accident sites, perform a variety of simulations and calculations based on Newton’s Laws of Motion and more.Accident Reconstruction

Once accident reconstructionists have done their  analysis, they are extremely valuable assets to attorneys who are helping their clients through insurance claims or personal injury lawsuits stemming from the incident.. These reconstructionists are able to provide consultation, analysis and expert testimony regarding what occurred in the accident and why. Their opinions mean a great deal to the court, as they have a tremendous amount of training in the area and are able to explain in layman’s terms some very complicated physics concepts. Without the services of an accident reconstructionist on the witness stand, it would be up to the attorney to explain physical principles that he or she is likely to be completely unfamiliar with.

REDI has significant experience in the field of accident reconstruction, and has worked alongside the legal community in a number of cases to provide our services and uncover the truth behind accident scenarios. We have filled consulting and testifying roles and have worked for both the plaintiff and defense.

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