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About REDI Engineering

We Solve Problems

At a Glance

What do you want to build, create, imagine, or solve today? At REDI Engineering, we’re thinkers, troubleshooters, and professional engineers.

We believe engineering consultants must have the ability to understand client’s problems, empathize with their pain, and find solutions. Engineering can seem complicated, but it is a mode of thinking and a means for solving problems. We assist our clients by recognizing that engineering boils down to applied science. Clients hire us because they don’t have time to find a solution, they are understaffed, or they lack engineering expertise. We do our best to defend our ideas and opinions, then communicate results clearly so you can act.

You have the ideas. We have the technical and engineering know-how. When we work together, great things get done. Let’s get busy.

Why hire us?

We’re easy to work with and we’re accessible. We speak your language. We explain engineering in a manner that you can understand. Knowing the engineering is a given but being able to explain engineering in an understandable manner is essential. As hard as we try, we don’t know everything. Our best service is the truth. Experts cannot possibly know everything and we won’t pretend to have the answers. We know how to solve problems to get answers. We develop articulate, defensible opinions and provide useful information you can use.


REDI Engineering, Inc. was founded in 2006 by John Thomazin in Columbus, Nebraska. Not many engineering companies have been started in Columbus since the Rural Electrification Act of 1935, but more than 10 years have already past. It started as REDI Group, then the company name was changed to REDI Engineering for SEO purposes. Choosing that first company name was a rookie mistake, but running an engineering company has many learning opportunities. Consulting offers many different kinds of work and requires lots of skills, but working with people, explaining physics, and solving problems are the main reasons REDI was started.

Expert Witness

Engineers here work as consulting or testifying experts. Defensible opinions and conclusions are the product of testimony. Our testimony relies on sufficient facts and data, and we provide a basis and reasons for opinions. Testifying isn’t about inspiration, being smart, or having the highest qualifications. We work with the sponsoring attorney to explain and show complex issues. Not all cases go to trial. Practice and preparation are essential to providing convincing testimony.

Claims Engineer

Engineers here assist parties to resolve insurance claims. We are called to assist when the issues involved in the claim are complex. We investigate, document, secure evidence, and prepare reports for insurance professionals. We provide concise reports based on facts and observations so parties can fairly resolve a claim.

Consulting engineer

Engineers here work as consulting engineers. We solve problems. We design and evaluate things. We use the computer to simulate the performance of ideas then evaluate and improve designs. We analyze failure to understand cause and origin. We improve product safety, quantify risk, and reliability. We evaluate systems and work with investors. We work on a variety of projects large or small. People hire us for our ideas and solutions.

What does REDI stand for?

REDI is an acronym and it stands for Research, Engineering, Development, and Investigations. When I started the company, I wanted to pick a memorable company name. I could have named the company Thomazin & Associates, but that naming custom is so predictable. Besides, Thomazin isn’t a good choice for SEO. REDI is more memorable homophone since it rhymes with ready. REDI was chosen for a company name because it captures aspects of my background, training, and experience as a mechanical engineer.